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Thank You … In our 20 minutes together, we’ll pinpoint the main underlying issues

Kristar, had thyroid & digestive issues, body dysmorphia, depression & anxiety. She healed her traumas & now feels fantastic!

Kristar, Beautician

“ I don't struggle with depression or anxiety or self harm any more and feel pretty dam fantastic! I feel so much better. I know the healing journey is an ongoing one but I feel so much confident now I have the right tools"

Lisa, was struggling with Anxiety and Gut issues and now has a whole new lease on life

Lisa, Childcare worker

“I learnt better ways of eating around my cycle, I healed a lot of wounds of the past and I am really grateful for that.”

"I felt a lot more calmer in myself , confident and I also have less and less symptoms each cycle''

Christine - Focused on healing her gut and emotional wounds to rebalance her body & then the weight just dropped off !!!!

Christine , Age 42

"I think for the 1st time in 40 years I really actually care for myself and its not come from desperation of wanting to loose weight, its comes from me caring myself and valuing myself."

Courtney went from 10/10 debilitating gut pain, extreme fatigue and anxiety to ZERO gut pain, loosing 10kg and increased energy!

Courtney, 28, Brisbane

“ I dropped 10kg in the first 2 weeks of starting the protocol. I felt healthier. My bloating is now at a zero " I know can go out and stay out and enjoy myself instead of racing home because I feel so sick "

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